Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wikileaks Leaked Cable Mentions Seychelles Judiciary

Unless you've only been looking at State Controlled Media and not accessing your email and Facebook account, you would have definitely noticed a number of articles and blogs mentioning the Wikileaks leaked report of US Ambassador Cesar B. Cabrera entitled "Paradise Lost: How Corruption Bankrupted Seychelles".

The report is a summary of why, according to the US Ambassador, Seychelles defaulted on its bond repayments in August 2008. It touches upon several facets of Seychelles society, and the judiciary was not spared with the report stating that the Seychelles judiciary is weak, not independent and subservient to the executive. The report does not state its sources of evidence and it appears to be based wholly on hearsay. But what's that old saying about smoke and fire?

The Mauritian Paper L'Express, appears to have broken the story, the article in French can be seen by clicking here.

An English translation of the article can be read through the following blog entry from the Seychelles Reality Blog.

And if you want to see the source material, i.e. the actual report, you may view it by clicking here.

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