Friday, November 26, 2010

Book on Seychelles Court of Appeal Judgments Published

The Bar Association of Seychelles, on their website, has welcomed the publication of the latest book on Seychelles law - "Leading Cases of Seychelles 1988 - 2010". The publication of the book was the initiative of Professor Angelo of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Professor Angelo is no stranger to the Seychelles legal scene, he co-authored one of the most popular books on Seychelles case law - "The Law of Seychelles Through the Cases", more commonly referred to in the Seychelles legal community simply as the "Venchard" book, it was a compilation of selected judgments from the Seychelles superior courts from 1936 to 1996. The latest book also has a foreword written by the President of the Court of Appeal, Justice MacGregor, who traces the history of Seychelles case law books.

This latest book is a compilation of summaries of selected decisions of the Seychelles Court of Appeal from 1988 to 2010. It does not contain the actual judgments and it does not pretend to do so. But the summaries of the facts and principles of some of the cases therein are not presented accurately. Court users and students of Seychelles law must use this latest book with care.

Nevertheless, publications on Seychelles law are always a welcome thing given the lack materials on the matter. The website of the Bar Association of Seychelles has a Law Journals page in which materials on Seychelles law are made available to the public. Presently, the Law Journal only has a handful of articles but it boasts of articles from the much revered Andre Sauzier and Philippe Boulle.


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