Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Derjacques Re-Elected as Chairman of the Bar Association of Seychelles

The Bar Association of Seychelles ("BAS") held its 2010 Annual General Meeting ("AGM") earlier today (6th October 2010) at the Supreme Court Building.

Members of BAS displayed their support for the previous year's Management Committee by re-electing several of its officers. Below is the list of the newly elected Management Committee of BAS:

Chairman: Mr Antony Derjacques
Secretary: Mr Divino Sabino
Treasurer: Miss Teresa Micock
Executive Officers: Mr Frank Ally & Mr Elvis Chetty

The Chairman expressed his delight in being able to hold true to the key issues that his committee promised to undertake in the previous year, such as the setting up of the BAS website and the holding of the BAS "Annual" Dinner (in December 2009) for the first time since 2005, a dinner which saw an excellent turnout from members of the private bar and judiciary. For the coming year, the new Management Committee has been mandated, inter alia, to draft and circulate a Code of Ethics for lawyers and to forge working relationships with more local and international organizations.

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