Friday, February 18, 2011

Lawyers Condemn Proposed Companies Bill 2011

The past few days have seen a flurry of correspondence amongst those in the legal profession. The consensus is that the proposed Companies Bill 2011, accessible from the SIBA website, is ill thought of and should go no further.

Corporate law heavyweights such as Conrad Lablache and  Kieran Shah, SC have publicly denounced the bill in its present form. In light of the distaste for the bill amongst the legal professionals, Attorney General Ronny Govinden has suggested to the members of the bar that perhaps consultations should be held and recommendations brought to the Government's attention.

Lawyers argue that although there may be a need to revise certain aspects of Seychelles' companies legislation, the bill fails to address this. The bill also goes beyond its mandate and seeks to alter other areas of the law. The bill's proponents also appear to lack an appreciation and understanding of Seychelles' civil law and if enacted in its present form, it will create a myriad of problems.

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