Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bar Association of Seychelles to launch website

Word has been around for several months now that the Bar Association of Seychelles ("BAS") is planning on launching a website. Today, the BAS issued a circular stating that they expect to launch their website before the end of October 2009.

One of the aims of the website will be to provide the public with a complete list of Seychelles lawyers. This is to help curb complaints made to the BAS that certain persons and organizations are passing themselves off as Seychelles lawyers/law firms. That said, members of the public should query the Registrar of the Supreme Court to ascertain whether someone is truly a Seychelles lawyer/attorney or not. The Registrar of the Supreme Court keeps a roll of attorneys (the official list of lawyers) which lists all the Attorneys-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Seychelles.

The website will also feature a news section, but this is supposed to only briefly report on any news items of interest to the legal community.

The most interesting feature announced by the BAS circular is that of an online Law Journal. The Law Journal will feature legal articles on Seychelles law and Seychelles legal history. The circular also requested for contributions to the Law Journal. Law reporting in the Seychelles legal scene is currently virtually non-existent and the BAS website, if aided by voluntary contributors, could help fill that void.

The BAS is a voluntary bar association founded in 1988. It is an association registered under the Registration of Associations Act. Its current Management Committee comprises of its Chairman: Anthony Derjacques, Secretary: Divino Sabino, Treasurer: Joel Camille and Executive Committee Members: Nichole Tirant-Gherardi, Frank Ally, Basil Hoareau, Elvis Chetty, Jude Bonte and Teresa Micock.

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